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The Awesome Team brings a lifetime of experience to the challenge of compressing time and space between people and their care. Despite the proliferation of brick and mortar urgent care and pandemic-fueled telehealth, we believe the innovation is just starting. Today we announce the introduction of The Care App. Give it a shot at

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  • David Sanders

Dr. Sara Gillham joined Awesome Studios in 2019, reuniting with Drs. Sanders and DiPiero, and Elizabeth Blades, where they worked together at ZOOM+Care. Sara had previously formed the ZoomCare product development function and led the way on many clinical digital and clinical innovations.

In 2020, Sara was named Partner responsible for Product.

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No-Brainer Brain Coffees and Teas™ combine your daily caffeine fix with nutrients your brain craves. Because brain health isn’t just for super athletes and celebrity bloggers – it’s for everyone. By tapping into the best of ancient wisdom and modern science, we’re bringing healthy minds to the masses. And this is just the beginning.

No-Brainer Brain Coffee and Tea™ was meticulously crafted by a team of physicians, nutritionists, inventors, and health-crazed creatives.

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