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Disruption is Coming - but from where? Part 2: Ask the Disruption Grandmaster

Where will disruption come from?

“Success is going to require talented experts, a beginner’s mind, and a long-term orientation."

Jeff Bezos as he described the mindset required to enter healthcare Read

That’s what Amazon's been up to.... See Amazon’s steady drumbeat of healthcare offerings — Amazon Care, Amazon Pharmacy, AWS for healthcare, Alexa for healthcare, See this week’s latest: Amazon Care will be in 50 states in 2021 and Amazon Pharmacy is offering a 6 months supply of meds for $6. Read

Awesome Studios

We would add that bringing the expertise is relatively easy — blending it with a beginner’s mind is the tricky bit. Expertise and curiosity rarely co-exist. The degree of difficulty is compounded because most capital sources are not prepared for a long-term journey. Here at Awesome Studios, we’re weaving all three together — expertise, curiosity, patient capital.

The fourth ingredient that Bezos does not mention is the capability to get in front of Early Adopters. Change starts when society’s early adopters confront potential innovations and put them through the paces. Early adopters are the ones who know deep down “that there must be a better way”. We know that many of you are Early Adopters.

Last week we announced that we had launched WowCare after months of beta testing and strong reviews, and we’re gearing up to share a bunch of new stuff over the months ahead.

Please try WowCare and let us know about your experience.

WowCare is deceptively radical. WowCare is:

#1 Instantly Instant access to an online doctor

  • On the landing page, you’ll see a countdown meter that tells you how many minutes until an online doctor will see you.

  • Tap “Start Instant Care” to get in the queue. That’s it.

  • The online doctor will greet you, take your history, do an online exam, order your tests and meds, schedule follow-up with you…. the whole 9 yards.

#2 Ultra Access

WowCare is ultra-access.

  • All insurance is accepted. Just pay your copay or coinsurance. . . or the flat self-pay price.

  • WowCare is available in 35 states and soon 50 states (plus Washington D.C.) through its alliance with Wonderful Medical Group.

  • Initially, WowCare is open 9 AM to 3 PM PT and 8 PM through 10 PM PT Monday through Friday. Stay tuned as we steadily expand hours.

#3 Trust2

  • Every healthcare provider asks you to trust them. But do they trust you?

  • WowCare shows its trust by asking you to pay only if you’re thrilled. That’s right. See for yourself.

#4 Crazy Value

  • With every paid visit, you earn $15 of CareCashTM. CareCash is credit you can use against any WowCare prescribed treatments or any WowCare services.

  • Your visit includes 7 days of free email follow-up and support.

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