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WowCare: Pay only if thrilled!

WowCare is instantly instant online doctor care.

But there’s more. WowCare is loaded with value.

  • Accepts All Insurance or No Insurance (just $69)

  • CareCash (earn $15 per visit for Rx, labs, future visits)

  • Nationwide network (currently 35 states and growing to 50)

  • 7 days of free email follow-up included

  • “Pay Only If Thrilled”

“Pay Only If Thrilled” means that you only need to pay WowCare if you are thrilled.

It’s as simple - and as awesome as that.

This is not a refund program where you pay and then seek a refund. You simply don’t pay in the first place if you are not thrilled.

Of course, if you’re not thrilled we’ll ask you for the opportunity to make it right.

You’ve experienced this level of customer trust from other companies but rarely or never in healthcare. Why?

Most healthcare is paid for with insurance. Doctors and hospitals think to themselves, “Well, the insurer is paying anyway”.

At WowCare, we know you have many options for care, and we want to earn your trust over time. Give us the opportunity to thrill you with instantly instant access, great care, timely follow-up, and incredible value. If you’re not thrilled, don’t pay.

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